Our Services

International Trade Consulting

Due to Turkey’s geopolitical position, it is one of the countries in the world’s most important trade center. Turkey, which is a bridge between east and west, offers competitive and quality products in production.

We enable you to import with the best and most suitable supplier among approximately 100,000 manufacturers and 50,000 suppliers in Turkey. We support you to grow your supply chain with excellent convenience in supplier selection.

We trade with 47 different countries and are constantly looking for new customers to do business with. Turkey is a well-integrated and reliable part of global production chains in various sectors, with half of Turkey’s exports heading to European markets each year.


Sourcing Agent

We make it easier for you to do business with Turkey in areas such as Turkish Suppliers, Machinery, FMCG, Construction, Textile, Confectionery, Furniture and Mining, and contribute to the growth of your business.

We establish commercial relations between many business partners operating in Turkey and entrepreneurs and businessmen abroad who plan to do business in Turkey.

In this context, we are a bridge between you and our producers in line with your requests. Our professional export experts in our company staff always support you. 

Commercial Representation

Financial studies, discovery of new markets and business lines, studies for finding suitable and new import and export items are carried out for you. We also guide you in terms of the support you can get from Turkey in new business lines that you have discovered in your country and where you aim to make a profit. 

By accessing the products and services of companies that export or aim to export in Turkey, you can discover new business opportunities that you can introduce in your own country, or you can send us your idea to meet Turkish companies that have an idea on this subject in Turkey. Proven in products and services related to your business plan.


Contract Management

Parties wishing to establish a commercial relationship within the scope of contract management in Turkey are listened carefully and inconsistencies to be disputed are carefully examined. Depending on the nature of the commercial relationship to be established, contract preparation services are provided to the parties. The international commercial contract to be prepared is notified to the parties. The powers and responsibilities imposed on both parties within the scope of the contract to be prepared are notified.

After the parties accept and declare their powers and responsibilities in writing, the contract type is entered into the contract preparation phase.

International commercial contract management ensures that the issues agreed between the parties who want to establish a commercial relationship are translated into a written text within the framework of international law, in a way that protects both parties.

International commercial contract management supports the contracts of your business with experienced lawyers and aims to prevent all kinds of grievances.